VIBE BlackAir 5channel V1

VIBE BlackAir 5channel V1

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VIBE Audio redesigned the new BlackAir Channel 5 amplifier from the ground up, using the latest in audio technology to create an amplifier that’s highly efficient and thus still capable of delivering great audio dynamics.



A smaller footprint allows more options when installing your amplifier, create a stealth setup with ease or put together a multi-amplifier setup even when space is tight.



All new power supply stage features overwound transformers provide a huge gain in dynamic headroom which results in 20% more usable power than the
previous model.


Class D

The high efficiency Class D circuitry offers vastly improved thermal performance. Increasing runtime by an average of 40% over previous models.




A brand new audio circuit delivers improved dynamics and transient response for a tighter, more open sound

Hybrid power supply combines a Class AB stereo section and Class D bass amplifier to provide the perfect combination of sound quality and efficiency

Independent gain for front, rear and subwoofer channels

High gloss piano black heat sink finish

Sub channel can be input independently or summed off the rear channel

Subsonic filter allows the very lowest frequencies to be removed allowing the amplifier to work more efficiently (sub channel only)

Remote gain control included (sub channel only)

Extruded aluminium endcaps





Configuration Monoblock

Dimensions (H x W x D) - 54mm (2,1”) x 520mm / (20.5”) x 165mm (6.5”)

RMS @ 4Ω Stereo 4 x 90W

RMS @ 4Ω Mono 1 x 300W

RMS @ 2Ω Mono 1 x 515W

Maximum Power 1750W

Frequency Response 20Hz - 20kHz

Crossover Type HP / LP / Subsonic

Crossover Range 50Hz - 220Hz

Recommended fuse 80 amp